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My name is Jamilya, some friends call me Jam (I love jam). Some facts about me: I like white and I don’t like white.

Ever since my school days I terribly disliked and was even afraid of white paint, for me it spoiled everything, but I could easily come to painting classes in a white dress hahaha

About this work (it’s difficult for me to call my works “paintings” because I haven’t reached this level, but I think I’ll have to :)) about this painting, we love and admire whatever catches our eye.

Sometimes, maybe even most of the time, we are allowed to see only what we want to see. Or only what others need, what others want.

This painting is a reference to George Orwell’s novel “1984”.

Mass surveillance, no privacy from prying eyes or even from yourself, and you follow it blindly.

Don’t look through the lens.