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Anna Shubnyakova

Anna Shubnyakova was born in the village of Smolino, Nizhny Novgorod region of Russia. She graduated Nizhny Novgorod College of Technology and Fashion Design, now she’s an industrial designer.

She uses materials such as pens and ink, watercolor, charcoal, oil or computer software to create art. Integrate and develop visual elements such as line, space, mass, color, and perspective to achieve desired effects, such as illustrating ideas, emotions, or moods.

She sells art through brochures, mailings or websites.

Artist Statement

The artist is trying to show the beauty of this world often lost behind a wall of pain and arrogance. For every viewer she tries to show that it is worth loving yourself and the universe.

There was a moment in her life when she watched a man paying a girl for sex with a burger, and this was the moment when the artist realized there are a lot of women in the world who don’t value themselves and are sold cheaply.