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«Devichnik Crew»

Hi! Let’s be friends? «Devichnik Crew» is about preserving the format of cozy gatherings and creativity, while rejecting gender norms and stereotypes. We welcome people of all identities. Our goal is friendship and emotional connection in the adult world, where there are no longer big sandboxes to play in, and many people have forgotten how to make friends. Let’s warm our hearts with a help of each other 🍒

At «Devichnik Crew» space you can weave beads for yourself or as a gift, get to know girls (and boys) better, hug and allow yourself to be that five-year-old self who can do anything. This is your opportunity to give your inner child space to express themselves and feel the warmth that we sometimes miss💝

Softly, tenderly, reverently.

About us:

I’m Augusta and my zodiac sign is Gemini, my favorite animal is the cat Dasha, and my favorite drink is green tea with jasmine and lemon)

I used to know for sure that when I grew up, I would have wings and fly over the city. Now I have grown up and create wings for myself.

And I’m Gera, I obsessively love pink and sour-milk products  As a child, I wanted to become an artist, but my grandfather said that all artists become homeless…. I can’t say for sure yet whether he was right, but just in case, I also became a designer