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Me Gera

About the series:

This series literally consists of so-called “the room in my head”. There you can find my clothes, interior items, thoughts, desires, fears, pains and hopes.

I started creating the series during a very difficult period (for all of us), and “the room in my head” began to appear too strongly (to be able to escape it). So, I decided to capture some fragments of it to eventually put them together, and when it becomes safe around me, to go out of it into the world.

About me:

Hello! My name is Gera, I am an artist and designer from Belarus.

A few years ago, I became hyper fixated on pink color (before it became mainstream) and the whole world around me turned pink.

I write and sculpt about what is around me, what concerns me directly, what I encounter every day or have encountered at some point in time. My works (mostly) don’t have too deep meaning, they are usually exactly what they seem. A little clumsy, naive, frivolous. But in all these imperfections there is the meaning.