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Irina Malaya is a director, dance playwright and choreographer. She works in the following genres: film dance (screendance, cinedance), video art, psychological portrait, art house, experimental cinema, and  she stages interdisciplinary performances and shows.

“It is very important for me to raise questions that people are afraid to ask in society. I believe that expressing emotions is a natural process regardless of gender. And I want to show through my art how beautiful everyone is in the palette of their experiences and that we all need support and the opportunity to safely speak out and be heard.”

My exploration of movement began in 1995 and continued at the university which I graduated from director’s faculty. My path from street culture to performance is 25 years long. Combining the laws of classical drama and conceptual art through the prism of metaphysical solipsism, my exploration comes to the metaphors of the body. In search of 3rd order meanings and free expression of bodily emotional status, I come to an honest, sincere story.