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Leba Vafelnikova

Leba Vafelnikova is known in the world by another name. She is an academically enriched and categorically unfettered woman. The adult inner child of a woman mixes wisdom with playfulness. 

And if Peter Parker easily transforms into Spider-Man, then a teacher-scientist can afford real audacity: to arise from a whirlwind of emotions and singing about mental health, personal boundaries, the courage to love after experiencing pain (and her innermost). 

These songs are waiting for other voices to sound under them — because we have an absolute universal right not to be alone with our feelings if we are lonely. Leba conveys his thoughts through a combination of voice and conceptual arrangement, when they combine into a beautiful whole. 

Leba will present her audio tracks at the festival in which she reveals herself through music and shows all her innermost sides. She sings about what is common to all of us but what we often hide under the yoke of public opinion – feelings, emotions, experiences. 

As well as the clip “Pleiade of Lipsticks” − an artistic trio that creates meta-ironic works with a touch of thrash-pop stylistics. In our opinion, the best answer to existential crises and other adversities is fun on the verge of burlesque in a soulful company. 

Tracks that will be presented at the festival: 

Kintsugi: “Kintsugi” is the Japanese art of ceramic restoration using varnish and gold powder. The philosophical basis of kintsugi consists in accepting flaws and damages, the possibility of further life of the object; finally, connections and improvements through destruction. 

Understanding this term is necessary in order for the new track by Leba Vafelnikova and Xavier to shine gold in front of you. 

Scat: In an amazing way you can draw a parallel with the song of the chieftainess from The Bremen Town Musicians — no less a strong female image. The difference, apart from instrumentation, is perhaps in a more radical way of achieving the same goal: a simple human desire for independence and self-acceptance. Use the track as intended, dear listeners and listeners. “And who doesn’t like it — scat.” 

I feel feelings: Sometimes there are moments when neither Anna Akhmatova nor Zinaida Gippius can save the irresistible philological maidens — words are lost, thoughts flow away. Then music comes to the rescue: that’s how this song appeared, an ocean of passion inside electronic minimalism. 

Theremin: Sharp broken rhythms set off an even more lyrical human voice enlivening and making the hearts of listeners respond in the new single by Leba Vafelnikova. 

The Theremin, the “voice-from-the-machine”, appears here not in the actual sound but as a metaphor of love. To sound without touching — why does this image feel so piercing?.. 

The clip that will be presented at the festival: 

“The Pleiade of Lipsticks” − In our opinion, the best answer to existential crises and other adversities is fun on the verge of burlesque in a soulful company. 

We suggest that you also discard the mask of seriousness, as well as the false shame imposed by society! Let the first aid kit at least temporarily cease to be associated with the pain experienced and turn into a lyrical image with which you can confess your love.

Your rebellious servants sing, dance and suffer for you:

Leba Vafelnikova

Svetlana Alcoholeva
Tatiana Eda