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My name is Khalatova Madina. I was born and live in Dagestan. I have always liked art and creative people as well. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. Despite all my love for creativity my desire to become an artist was not supported, so my education is philological, because in addition to drawing I also write. I am also interested in upcycling clothes and photography, sculpting from clay and embroidering… Drawing was perceived as one of the many hobbies until a few years ago when I created an account on Instagram @alayastroca and began publishing my old and new drawings there, so that everything I do would not be for nothing, what if it will resonate with someone?

Participation in this festival is my debut; I have never exhibited anywhere before.

About the works:

In my works I try to embody some of my ideas, I also try to touch social topics, cultural-ethnic ones, or simply what excites and appeals to me. I love working in different techniques from acrylic to collage. I started creating paintings in 2021, and although it’s a rare occasion, I continue doing it.