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I got into photography when I was studying at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. I looked out of my window and saw Heather, who’s now one of my closest friends. I thought, Who’s that hot queer with a medium-format camera? She taught me how to use a Hasselblad. We’d go into these abandoned buildings and take photos of one another doing performative acts, inspired by Claude Cahun and Francesca Woodman. Using the lens to create a sense of intimacy quickly became my medium.

Queer Still Life Series (Ongoing)

This series of traditionally constructed still life photographs reconsider the dinner table’s role as a space of representation, exchanging familiar objects with their deviant others where butter becomes Crisco, basketball are inverted, and an hourglass loses its sand. By simultaneously using some of the traditional tropes of historical still life painting, I am also queering these table top spaces by photographically depicting untraditional objects, introducing bodies or removing the table top altogether. The project explores gendered, raced and classed self-representation through the erotic and the performative.