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Ovchinnikov Sergey/
Many-Eyed Moth

I am just another moth of consciousness,
flying from nowhere to nowhere, in search of the beautiful divine Light.

Born, studied, and worked in Moscow. In high school, he became interested in drawing and modern art thanks to a new at that time class of WAC (World Art Culture).

At the age of 15, he went to study at a technical school, where after a year he finally lost his mind. Spent 9 years and 7 months in a special psychiatric hospital. Recognized as a disabled child. At the age of 24, consciousness began to return and by the age of 28, Sergei was released. Over the past eight years, Sergei has worked informally in various professions that did not require a higher education. He was creative: he painted, composed poetry, wrote prose, made mini-films, took photographs and acted on stage. In 2017, he met the muse of my life with whom he’s been in a relationship for six years at this point. In 2020, he began visiting the Alekseevskaya Psychiatric Hospital for rehabilitation, thanks to which he achieved significant improvements in his mental health.

Hello, my name is Many-Eyed Moth. Just another moth of consciousness. I am seeking the Light within myself, with which I am trying to illuminate the darkness of the world around me. I didn’t search for my creativity for long and chose what felt the closest to me. Psychedelic and gay art. Thanks to these types of art, I discovered my own direction, called G***psychedelic or Psychedelic to the highest degree. So, what is this direction about?

Manifesto of the G***psychedelic movement.

  1. The free flow of pure energy and the life-giving source of true inner beauty, that’s what G***psychedelic is about.
    We are g***psychedelici – people of double spirit, showing the world in our creativity the depth of the true world, not separated into masculine and feminine principles. We are the ones who create the art of harmony between Yin and Yang.
  2. Libido that is understandable to the conscious and subconscious, in the form that is accessible to you. Feel-thinking reflected in Thought-feeling – these are the basic principles of creating art in G***psychedelic.
  3. Sublimation.
    G***psychedelic is one of the ways to know yourself, your original essence revealed during creative process, which finds its source in touching, hugging, kissing, lust, ecstasy, sex, arousal, orgasm, passion, tenderness, sensual pleasures, eroticism, nudity, sexual fantasy games, hallucinations, and dreams on the topic of sexual relationships and everything, everything that can affect human nature, opening up for him the heaven of homosexual love.
  4. Freedom of expression.
    G***psychedelic does not have clear rules, main techniques and means of artistic expression that are unique to it. The most important thing when creating works in this direction is the sincerity and honesty of the artist, reflecting what they had learned through their homosexual experience.
  5. Extremity.
    Going beyond the limits in creativity does not mean chaos and lawlessness. In G***psychedelic, the artist has complete freedom, limited only by their own limits and boundaries.
    You can create anything and in any form. Every work, every vision, every opinion is equally important.
    Fearlessness in the face of censorship, public opinion, and condemnation, but respect for someone else’s logically valid opinion from the opposite side and active dialogue with it, that is the main position that geypsychedelici take in regards to hostile sentiments.
  6. To understand the accuracy of the term G***psychedelic art and the essence of people who call themselves g***psychedelici; it’s not enough to simply parse the words with your mind; you also need to be able to feel with your heart everything that they mean and what they represent in this world.
  7. Openness.
    For g***psychedelica, lies are the main sin, but imagination is the main spiritual power.
    You must always be honest not only with others, but also with yourself; the ability to be sincere is one of the most important qualities, a manifestation of the divine nature of man as a creator. The power of imagination is not a lie, because its essence is not aimed at satisfying the desires of our ego. The power of imagination helps us to manifest into reality that beauty, which is hidden from the perception of our everyday consciousness.
  8. Psychoanalysis.
    Any artist must not only create something, but also try to comprehend the works of their art. In order for the outside world to accept you, you need to accept yourself, and accepting yourself is not possible for those who do not even try to understand themselves and their choices.
  9. God.
    I, you, he, she, it, we, they: all this can be called only in one word – God. To draw G***psychedelic, you need to be able to feel God. Just feel. Not to believe in him, but know that he exists. Don’t try to understand, but be able to feel it in yourself and in others. Not to be an adherent to any particular circle of religious servants, but to feel like a part of all humanity and the world as a whole.
    Creativity is what makes us all similar to the Creator. Without feeling God-the-Creator within you, it is impossible to create.
    God is love in all its manifestations, without experiencing love it is impossible to know God in oneself, to be happy and to bring beauty to the surrounding reality. Love in any form is the source of life for G***psychedelic.
  10. Borderline state.
    The usual state for g***psychedelici is the state between sleep and wakefulness, between consciousness and subconscious, between reality and imagination, between possible and is – in a word, a borderline state between any dualities of this world.
  11. Acceptance.
    G***psychedelici do not work for the public, we do not cater to other people’s desires or non-desires, we are simply who we are, who we have accepted ourselves as, and our creativity is what is really important and real for us. The world may be taking us for granted, it tolerate us, it may hate us, but nothing will change because of this, we will live and bring to life our beautiful inner world through art!