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Polina Bystrova

Chaos as a source of life.

Polina Bystrova is a psychologist, psychotherapist, sexologist, host of group activities, dog handler, researcher and traveler!

The world we are used to, the world that seemed so stable and understandable, the world where we could make plans for the future, the world where our relationships with loved ones did not depend on television channels – this world no longer exists.

What if this stable, definite and understandable world never existed? What if it changes every day, just not as quickly as it does now? And we usually manage to adapt to these changes.

Now it’s like a tsunami that swept the old reality, washing away sand castles and residential buildings, changing the relief of the shores of our identity, beliefs and relationships.

Recently, such a huge amount of uncertainty has appeared that it required urgent measures from our minds not to fall into psychosis and not to lose the ability to function.

Well, congratulations! Since you’re here, you’ve done it. Each of you in your own way. Everyone lost something while fighting for at least a little stable and sustainable position.

I think you are very tired of these battles. Therefore, I decided to host a group where we will try to learn how to use all these frightening feelings of uncertainty, instability and internal chaos, using them as help and support for ourselves in this rapidly changing world.