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Enter is free, but some performances require registration.
Bring headphones for audio translation

20 October FRIDAY

18:00 – Opendoor.

18:20 – Food-performance “I am human. From yesterday to tomorrow” Nadezhda Yagodka (Moscow)

19:30 – Video presentation of festival participants

20:00 – Stand-up from Nika Tarasevich (special program for OpenArt)

20:30 – “Living Canvas” Performance show by artist and designer Elizaveta Belomlinskaya (New York, USA)

21:00 – Buffet

22:00 – Closing

21 October SATURDAY

12:00 – Opendoor

14:00 – “The body as the main character” Discussion of the novel “Look at yourself” by Ekaterina Nenakhova and a writing workshop with the author

16:30 – Lecture “Women Directors in Contemporary Cinema: Challenges and Achievements” by Simone Cavalcante, Ph.D. (Philadelphia. USA. Teleconference Moscow – Philadelphia)

18:00 – Open talk with artists Starr Sariego and Tema Stauffer about the project ‘THIS SKIN I’M IN (USA)

19:00 – Workshop on storytelling “Tell the world about yourself” from Kristina Kvitko (Russia/Bali)

19:00 – Non-binary Devichnik Crew: Braiding Jewelry

20:00 – Open Dating: a place to find friends, partners and like-minded people

22:00 – Closing

22 October SUNDAY

12:00 – Opendoor

14:00 – Self-support workshop “Chaos as a source of life” Psychologist, sexologist Polina Bystrova (Georgia/Russia)

17:00 – “Nudity as a declaration” Open call with producer, director and photographer Seva Galkin (Moscow)

19:00 – Performance by drag artist Taylor (Moscow)

19:30 – Buffet

20:00 – DJ-set