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Daria and Ekaterina

“If one suddenly decides to give up, the other will not allow this to happen”

Twin artists who create paintings using the technique of decorative and applied arts, art personalities and costume designers, they have been together since the first minutes of their lives – together they found their own technique, close to their hearts.

More than once winners of all-Russian and international competitions for young artists and creators, Daria and Ekaterina began their creative path from childhood. Having entered a state-subsidized children’s art school at the age of 11, the sisters graduated with honors, while simultaneously participating in various creative competitions. After design courses, they decided to enroll in costume design; they want to connect their lives with this direction.

The highlight of the girls’ creativity is that they paint the same subject in the same period of time, and then compare the works, wondering how differently kindred spirits see the world. Their uniqueness is their individuality and their own vision of the world around them.

Although each paints the work independently, Daria and Ekaterina love to spend time discussing the details and coloring of their paintings and in the future they want to create joint works. Planning to open their own fashion house together, they dream of working with famous clothing brands and gaining international experience. Girls are inspired by the support of each other and loved ones, and mistakes, in their opinion, are a great opportunity to change themselves for the better, not to give up and continue to move towards the goal.

Daria and Ekaterina Semenukha