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Starr Sariego  


Photographer and  curator originally from Miami, Florida is currently  living and working in Asheville, North Carolina.  Starr picked up a camera in 2012 during a  challenging period in her life and looking through  the camera’s viewfinder was the beginning of her  personal revolution.  

Starr’s work focuses on using photography for  social change. She is driven to tell stories of others  that don’t often appear in the collective community  gaze. Her past projects have featured women with  disabilities and formerly incarcerated women.  Starr believes the subjects’ own stories alongside  portraits are powerful agents for change.  Starr’s work has been featured in The Bakehouse  Miami, Art Palm Beach, Wynwood: Art Basel  (Miami, FL) and The Coral Gables Museum. Starr  has been frequently invited to podcasts, art talks  and panels discussing photography for social  change.