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When it comes to the art piece, I have twisted an old, very strictstrikt  and religious traditiontradisjon whichwho is so heteronormative. Shaking foundationsfundations by changing  gender org sexuality on the characters

I believe in art as a tool in the fight for human rights for all. 

Here in Norway we have come very far in the matter of equality…

Last summer The Norwegian Press, ( About the same title as the Russian Kirill) He opened our art exhibition Q*** spirit. On behalf of the Norwegian church he gave an official appology to the queer community for all the pain the church has inflicted. But there has always beein someone fighting in the front line.  I think it is so important to use the freedom I/we have to pay it forward, to help and support the People who fight in the front line now to gain theirthere human rights and freedom back so everyone can be free.