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I am a Dagestan artist, I live and work in Makhachkala. I’m a regular participant in international residencies around the world. My works are stored in large private and corporate collections in Russia, China, Turkey, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Azerbaijan.

From Soviet coins, an old keyboard, foam plastic, plastic mannequins and other unusable materials I create art objects, draw inspiration from passages and fragments of life, filling them with my vision of the world and fantasy, and the heroes of my portraits have a Northcaucasian mentality, despite their immobility and two-dimensionality.

About the works

In my projects rather than raising an issue of clogging the environment with human waste, I discuss the ecology of human spirituality, which in my opinion seems to be a much more serious issue.

Computers, gadgets, smartphones drive people in different directions, leaving them with a minimum of communication.

My task is for people to see my work and look at themselves from the outside; I make them think.

The most important thing is to make a person think, worry, so that they don’t just come to the exhibition, see something beaut